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Welcome To Nuddock Wood Lake


Nuddock Wood Lake is a 50 year old mature sand pit. The 8.6 acre lake is located on a picturesque 16 acre site in North Lincolnshire surrounded by mature woodland and fields. the complex is fully fenced and has 13 luxury swims 5 of these are our luxury lodges swims, 6 are now compact cabins with all the luxuries needed for a rustic fishing trip. the remaining 2 swims are awaiting 2 new luxury lodges that will be installed in late 2023.

To keep you and your tackle safe, we have over 20 speed dome CCTV cameras. gated entry via automatic gates with custom fishery design.

 A small tackle shop stocks Core Baits and a PB Products range. We also sell fishery pellets. At the rear of the lodge, there is an additional social area with BBQ facilities.

Core Baits & PB Products UK both proudly sponsor Nuddock Wood Lake

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