We have to insist on the following rules for the benefit of all anglers!

Above all, we ask you to respect the lake, the anglers lodge & the surroundings. Please show courtesy and consideration to staff on-site and your fellow anglers.

Anyone failing to adhere to these rules will be asked to leave without a refund.

Tackle & Equipment

  • Micro Barbed Hooks Only (Max. size 4)
  • No Braided Mainline (Coated braid hook-links allowed)
  • Minimum 12lb Mainline
  • Minimum 2lb Test Curve Rod
  • 3 Rod Limit
  • No fixed rigs/leads; Fish must be able to break free with minimum amount of force
  • No leadless or leadcore leaders.
  • Adjustable zigs only.
  • Safezone or Tubing only and minimum of 75cm
  • Only Propolis fish care treatment must be used
  • Random rig checks; please do not be offended if you are asked


  • No Nuts of any kind
  • No Plastic or Artificial Baits.
  • Pellet and boilie only
  • No Particles of any kind including maggots.
  • No live baiting or spinning


  • Please respect the fisheries unhooking mats, slings & nets
  • No standing with fish. Keep fish over the mat at all times
  • No unattended rods
  • Considerate use of bait boats allowed. Keep within your zone
  • No surface fishing
  • No retaining of fish
  • Sick or Injured fish to be kept and reported to the manager/bailiff ASAP


  • No Dogs unless in the pet friendly lodge
  • No Fires
  • No unaccompanied children under 16 allowed on site
  • No littering
  • No swimming
  • No substance abuse
  • No heaters, kettles, microwaves or any other similar appliances to be used on the peg charging points
  • If alcohol is consumed please drink responsibly
  • All BBQ’s must be off ground
  • No night time visitors
  • Please keep to the walk ways and steps
  • No refunds under any circumstances

Please Note: All fish over 30lbs must be reported. Fish over 35lbs must be seen and observed by the bailiff whatever the time. All fish of 35lbs and over must be dealt with in the water so please bring waders!

Please be aware that carp care kits must be used at all times when handling fish. If you do not have one then you will be unable to fish until you do!

Nuddock Wood Lake is an immaculately kept lake. Please clean your swim before you leave and respect the lake and your fellow anglers. The owner accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or theft whilst on the premises. We reserve the right to change these rules at any time however, customers will be informed verbally or via social media.

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